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About Us

What started in The Netherlands with a laptop and two shelves has now turned into your go-to global fashion store that has customers all around the world. Our mission is to spread positivity and add colors into people’s lives. Rainbows have always felt magical to us; it is a sign of hope and tells us better times will come. On top of this, rainbows also spread positivity, equality, prosperity and energy of blessings, with this motto in mind “Kiss the Rainbow’ was born!


Kiss the Rainbow is a Dutch leading global fashion company that focuses on the next generation young fashion enthusiast. We want everyone to embrace who they are by having fun with fashion and a sprinkle of memes. We entertain, empower and inspire our community through diverse and optimistic fashion, storytelling and experiences.


At Kiss the Rainbow, our aim is to offer trendy and comfy clothing at prices that keep you happy. Our products are inspired by the latest fashion trends with a fun pop of color. A foundation for a lifestyle whereby fashion and expressing yourself join forces. 


Our global community is at the heart of everything we do. We share a happy environment and radiate positivity. It’s always on trend to be YOU and everyone is welcome. 


                                Radiate Positivity 



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